The Spotify Employee Experience

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The Spotify employee experience, they truly believes that the employees are the most important component of the company culture. To make rational and grounded decisions, the HR function works actively with People Analytics. HR has data about everything – from number of employees and when they go on training to all kinds of background data and where employees currently are located. All this data is used in the development initiatives they run. The surveys Spotify do together with Brilliant make for an integral part of the data in People Analytics.

Spotify conducts a more comprehensive employee survey annually combined with quarterly pulse surveys. The pulse surveys focus on employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) and the analysis of free text comments.

In this customer case you can read more about how Spotify works to develop their employee experience and how it grows stronger every year thanks to these factors:

  • Taking the data driven approach
  • #lifeatspotify = employees are the cultural ambassadors
  • Dare to keep the chaos
  • Here’s how HR moves away from acting on gut feel
  • ”We do employee surveys and we act on them”
  • Listen to the feedback and act on it!



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