Good coffee affects the company’s sales

Employee Experience

To feel happy in our work we need to have the opportunity to use our skills. The extent to which we are able to do so depends on the conditions put in place by the company where we work. But creating a working environment that suits everybody can present considerable challenges.

There are big variations between the preferences that different individuals have regarding everything from social relations to what kind of coffee is in the coffee machine. So it is important for a boss to really know his staff, to see the individual needs of employees, and also to notice when such needs change. What worked perfectly a year ago might not work at all now.

These conditions may cover a wide range of aspects influencing how we work. We have listed three

  • The physical work environment including the workplace itself, as well as materials and tools we use at work.
  • The organisation of the working environment, such as appropriate work suited to our skills, flexibility, and resources.
  • The social work environment that includes collaboration and social support from managers and colleagues.

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