Remote Work

To Maintain Engagement and Efficiency

Several organisations and employees are facing a new situation where many work from home. For many, this is a new situation, where special efforts are required by both managers and employees.

Managers need to ensure that employees have the right skills to handle technical solutions, but also regularly follow up so that employees do not lose engagement or efficiency.

Brilliant’s remote work survey helps managers to follow up and support employees, in order to maintain engagement and efficiency. An active and strong leadership relieves HR and management, so they can focus on what’s important to them.

By asking the questions about about remote work, you get answers to:

  • How leadership works
  • How collaboration between colleagues works
  • If you have the right conditions for being able to work from home

Each manager is given access to the result for the team and can work with improvements. HR has access to an aggregate result and can thus help and support the organisation where there is a need.

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