Engaged employees are the company’s ambassadors

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are emotionally involved, and are passionate and proud of their employer. They have a clear picture of how they personally contribute to the company’s success in their everyday work. They are enthusiastic and energetic and willing to make an extra effort when they see an opportunity to improve something.

Moreover, engaged employees do not have as much time off sick and more rarely make mistakes in their work. They are largely the ones who drive development and improvements and who speak favourably about the company both internally and to the company’s customers. In short, the engaged employees are companies’ true ambassadors.

What is engagement like in your organisation? Does the level of engagement differ between employees and managers? And what are the driving forces behind the engagement in your particular organisation? We help you to obtain the answers and produce a plan to preserve or strengthen the engagement!

White paper Energy + Clarity = Engagement

As a leader and a business manager you’re responsible for creating the best possible conditions that allow your co-workers to get engaged. But what is engagement really and how do we define it? In this white paper we tell you about how to create the conditions that generate a sustainable employee engagement. We discuss participation, ability to influence and other strong drivers behind engagement. Through working with these you can influence, increase and maintain the employee engagement in your organization.

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