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Measure – Employee surveys

Brilliant has long experience of conducting employee surveys and we know what the most important parameters are for an organisation to be successful in the long-term with employees who are flourishing and highly engaged.

The actual survey is simple to implement and while there are not many questions, they are sufficient enough to cover all important perspectives.

After the survey all managers have access to a report portal where they can view their results and work with them. There is also a built-in support to enable simple and effective follow-up to work with the results – on company as well as on team level.

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Please contact us if you want to discuss how to conduct an employee survey, or if you would like a demo of our insight portal! 

White paper 10 things to consider when doing employee surveys

A survey doesn’t do anything good in itself, but well planned and executed it can be a powerful tool for organisational development. Survey findings will support the organisations’ work with improving employee engagement, drive change initiatives and reach overall business targets. We have gathered a list of ten things to consider to get the most out of your engagement survey. Those things include everything from how to put the survey in a bigger context to get buy in from the organisation to what to consider when choosing questions. Read more!

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