Understand the driving forces behind your key ratios and how you can improve your results

Linkage Analyses

Engaged employees with good managers are the key to increased productivity, more loyal customers and higher profitability. Brilliant’s correlation analyses chart your particular relations and highlight opportunities to influence the key ratios.

We analyse your employee survey together with the key ratios that are most important for you – customer loyalty, profitability, workplace accidents or employee turnover, for example.

Which changes produce the greatest impact? Our analyses suggest where in your organisation a change will generate the best possible results. The analyses also provide guidance surrounding what each individual group should focus on in order to influence the key ratios.

White paper The impact of employee engagement on customer relations and profitability

Business leaders intuitively know that an engaged workforce is vital for business performance, but many find it challenging to tie employee engagement to business performance metrics. This study shows the relationship between employee relations, customer relations and business performance and provide convincing results that engaged employees increase both customer loyalty and profitability.

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