Group development produces more effective collaborations and releases the potential in your team

Group Development

For an organisation to be able to develop and achieve its goals requires collaboration to function well both within and between different groups. Groups which work together typically go through four phases in their development. In the different phases, the group puts varying amounts of time into actually working – the rest of the time goes on conflicts or exaggerated politeness.

A GDQ analysis (Group Development Questionnaire) establishes the phase in which a group finds itself and what questions it needs to work on in order to become more effective. All members in the group answer questions, for example, how well collaboration is functioning, how clear the goals and roles are and how effectively the group is currently operating. The group then works with the results in a workshop together with one of our consultants.

The outcome is increased self-awareness in the group through identifying the issues on which the group needs to focus in order to achieve better and more effective collaboration.

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