Strengthen leadership through identifying and implementing successful behaviours


In order to meet your managers’ individual need for development and support we offer managerial coaching. The programme is adapted according to each manager’s conditions based on, for example, the results from an employee survey or a managerial evaluation. The manager discusses situations in his or her everyday work together with one of our professional coaches, and is helped to identify and strengthen successful behaviour in his or her leadership.

The coaching often takes place in combination with meeting the team and working on the results from the employee survey. The aim of the coaching is to help managers to implement the plan of action that has been produced in combination with improving their leadership. As we follow up the managers that have been coached, we know that it has an effect and leads to change.

The programme starts with a meeting between the coach and the manager, followed by a workshop with the manager’s team. Based on the development areas, the coach and the manager have continuous contact over a period of three months with the aim of changing the manager’s behaviour. In the final phase of the programme, a report is compiled with concrete advice for continued leadership development. Some time after the coaching has been completed, a follow-up survey of the effect is conducted with the manager’s team in order to see what results the initiatives have produced.

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