Measure the employee experience and understand what drives your employees

Employee Experience

How engaged are your employees and managers, and what drives their engagement? How do they perceive you as an employer and do they support the company’s strategy going forward?

Brilliant’s employee surveys help you to measure your employees’ experience of their work, of their manager and of you as a company. Regardless of whether we conduct an employee survey or frequent pulse surveys, we ensure that you ask the right questions, at the right frequency and that you obtain a clear picture of the organisation’s strengths and areas for improvement. Our indexes and metrics are tested against profitability and other KPIs, so we know that they influence business performance.

Our employee surveys are tried and tested, and simple to implement. The results are analysed by our experienced consultants and give you a strategic basis on which to prioritise your development initiatives, as well as concrete insights and recommendations at group level so that everybody in the company can assist in driving the improvement process.

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