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Customer Loyalty

The customer experience extends throughout the organisation. Everything from the design of the purchasing process, the actual delivery of the product or service, to how well-informed or engaged your employees are perceived to be. We help you to identify strengths and weaknesses throughout the customer journey in order to be able to prioritise the activities which produce the greatest impact. It is largely about asking the right questions at the right time, that the feedback goes to the right recipeint within the organization and that the results are acted upon.

Common key metrics that we recommend in order to measure the customer experience:

  • Engagement, knowledge and clarification – Ascertain how the employees act in the customer meeting and provide feedback down to individual level
  • Simplicity (Customer Effort Score) – Measure your customers’ perceived effort and establish which processes or communication channels can improve the perception
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) – Conventional key ratio which measure your customers’ loyalty

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