Changing routines and working methods generates good results


Measuring is often uncontroversial. But changing routines and working methods is something completely different, even if you know that it will produce great results. We offer support in how you should act and obtain the desired effect from your customer surveys.
Here are some of our supplementary services:

Workshops. We prepare and facilitate workshops with the aim of creating consensus throughout the organisation. In certain cases it can involve establishing the overall situation as it currently stands and plotting a joint route forward, in other cases, the workshop can involve uniting around the organisation’s goals, strategy, values or customer promise.

Presentation of results & analysis. We help you to interpret the results from conducted surveys, explain relations, analyse in your results in relation to relevant benchmarks and give you suggestions for what is most important to act on.

Programme Review. We help you to make an inventory of existing customer surveys with the aim of charting insights, processes and ownership so that your surveys actually give you the value you want.

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