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Brilliant Coaching

Everybody agrees that employees who feel appreciated and receive regular feedback have a greater sense of engagement. A major challenge for many managers is finding sufficient time for both the actual coaching and the administration that surrounds it. That’s why we offer Brilliant Coaching.

Brilliant Coaching helps you to prepare, execute and document performance appraisals. Goals, proposals and requirements are formulated collectively and at the same time, both you as manager and your employees obtain valuable insights for development going forward. Using Brilliant Coaching frees up time for the manager, who can focus on the actual coaching!

White paper The impact of employee engagement on customer relations and profitability

Business leaders intuitively know that an engaged workforce is vital for business performance, but many find it challenging to tie employee engagement to business performance metrics. This study shows the relationship between employee relations, customer relations and business performance and provide convincing results that engaged employees increase both customer loyalty and profitability.

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