The Spotify Employee Experience

Spotify truly believes that the employees are the most important component of the company culture. To make rational and grounded decisions, the HR function works actively with People Analytics. HR has data about everything – from number of employees and when they go on training to all kinds of background data and where employees currently are located. All this data is used in the development initiatives they run. Read more about how Spotify works to develop their employee experience and how it grows stronger every year.

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“Brilliant gives us real time information on how well Intrum handles customer interaction in terms of engagement, competence and ability to help a person in debt. If we didn’t have Brilliant Navigator we would probably only have done scattered activities to follow up this a few times a year.”

Josefin Tifelt, Operations Manager, Intrum Justitia.

“Even though we´re not in business to make a profit, we still have high demands on the customer service of Systembolaget. The use of Brilliant Navigator keeps us on our toes and we receive real time feedback on hos well we manage our customer relations.”

Maria Bergnäs, Head of Customer Relations, Systembolaget.

“The Brilliant employee engagement survey gives us a clear view of our leadership and also the effects of our leadership development efforts. With a tailormade leadership index we know we measure the right aspects of leadership”

Ylva Nyberg, Performance and Talent Manager, Preem.

“What really stuck with us was Brilliant´s engagement model that suited us perfectly. We have a lot of energy in our organization, but we also need to know where to direct it, and we need the clarity dimension.”

Samir Törnblad, Talent Manager, TV4.

“Brilliant are receptive, professional and knowledgeable. They are far more than our survey provider – they are our trusted advisors.”

Per-Arne Håkansson, Group Vice President HR & Corporate Communications, Munters.

“Every contact with Ikano should feel good, regardless of what product the customer has or what customer representative the customer meets. We follow up our customer loyalty through the customer survey in Brilliant Navigator. Our goal is not only to have satisfied customers, but truly loyal.”

Håkan Jenderman, Operations Manager, Ikano Bank.

“It’s all about finding the right people for all positions so we can truly deliver great customer experiences. Our employees build their own culture and they love to measure and follow up! The follow up of customer meetings and interactions in Brilliant Navigator has become an important part or our new culture.”

Rune Bertelsen, Customer center manager, SpareBank.

“Brilliant offer both relevant competence and benchmark data. We have 40 people in our customer service organization and all of them know exactly how we are performing.”

Trond-Olav Asperud, Customer Service Manager, Norsk Tipping.

“Our competitive edge should be our service. We, and all of our competitors, offer similar services, and therefore the differentiator is how we handle the customer meeting. By using Brilliant Navigator we have improved our performance significantly.”

Carina Hallnor, Customer Service Manager, Telia Mobility.

“The customers should feel that we really listen to them. Our employees continuously follow up our customers’ feedback through Brilliant´s surveys. The customer survey in Brilliant Navigator is a tool for everyone to do their job as good as they can. Everyone receives increased knowledge about what the customers’ feel is good or bad. To include the dialogue, the warm and personal interaction, ties our customers closer to us, and ultimately, creates more business.”

Daniel Krook, VD, Bredband 2.

“We use Brilliant’s customer surveys with NPS to follow up the performance of our suppliers. There are more than 100 people responding to phone calls, emails and chats on behalf of DN. They know they represent our brand in every customer contact. Every month we go through all results on individual level.”

Haris Serhatlic, Customer loyalty manager, Dagens Nyheter.

“Länsförsäkringar Skåne wants good service to permeate all customer interactions with our company. That’s why our customers get to speak their mind about their interactions with us regardless of how or where they happen. Brilliant Navigator is our tool for this. Through the different survey modules we get a clear view of how the customers perceive Länsförsäkringar Skåne regardless of channel.”

Joacim Lundberg, customer analyst, Länsförsäkringar Skåne.